• Nian

Rocketman is almost ready for liftoff!

Updated: May 23, 2018

Finally nearing the end of Rocketman. It has entered its rendering stages. Therefore I have a rendered smoke pass I am able to show. Some frames dropped on the Farm but are being re-rendered out. This shot is when the rocket lifts off and goes off into the atmosphere. It was done in Houdini.

The animation was originally created in Maya by another team member. I then took that Maya file and exported only the Geo as an alembic and then imported it into Houdini. The way the smoke was done was using a point emission, and emitting it off of the rocket booster. Then I used a simple pyro node and had it emit off of the points, and altered the node to shape the smoke. Afterwards I put collision on the liftoff station and phantom the station so the smoke would conform around the station and also so the station wouldn't appear on the render. Also the shot has a motion blur on it because of the speed the rocket is going at.

The final composite should be finished this weekend or next week so look forward to that!

Director of the film: John Lohrey