• Nian

Crying over Spilled Wine

Oh boy. This project is kicking my butt, but I won't let it defeat me. So to recap how I have gotten here. First I grabbed a wine model, gave it an RBD and dropped it. Yay, it worked. But now came the fun part. Afterward, I made another wine geometry by deleting the inside of the wine glass and extruding the outside. This is because when working with fluids, you can't have thin geometry, and I learned that the hard way.

Finally, after increasing the thickness of the glass to an absurd amount, the fluid finally stayed. Slight backtrack, but the way I made the fluid was similar to how I made the thick wine glass. I deleted all of the outside faces, cut the top half off, and poly capped the ends. Then turned that geo into a Fluid geo. Now when dropping the wineglass, the fluid would finally stay but would rest on the thick wine glass which couldn't be seen. This is because of how my colliders were set.

My colliders were set as the following:

Affector: Thick_Wineglass, Groundplane, Wineglass

Affected: Fluid

Affector: Groundplane

Affected: Wineglass

The reason it was set up like this is that I didn't want the thick wineglass and the normal wineglass to affect each other during the RBD simulation, and I also didn't want the thick wineglass to be affected by the ground plane.

Now here comes the fun part. Smashing the wine glass. So to get the wineglass and the thick wineglass to fall together in the simulation, I have to have the thicker wine glass use a copy solve on the regular wine glass. This copies its position and it's keyframe position so that they fall together at the same time. Yet the issue comes when the wineglass breaks. This causes the thick wine glass to freak out because it doesn't know which part of the wineglass to track. So to fix that I had to delete the thick wine glass at a certain frame. Which causes the issue I am having right now.

Because the thick wineglass gets deleted, that means the wine falls out of the glass a few frames before it shatters. So I have two options. Fine tune it so that the wine stays in the glass a bit longer, or trick the viewer's eye because you can only see the mess up for about 2-4 frames, which probably goes by to fast for anyone to notice. Afterward, it's off to creating the scene and then hopefully a great looking finished product.